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Building Materials - IV

 Building Materials - IV

UNIT I               FERROUS METALS: STEEL                                                                                     9
Iron ore: definition, introduction, manufacture of iron ore, types- pig iron, wrought iron and cast iron- their properties and uses.
Steel - definition, properties, Manufacture, casting, heat treatment, mechanical treatment process of steel, market  forms  of steel,  fire protection  of steel  - Corrosion  of ferrous  metals  (Causes, factors of corrosion and prevention).

UNIT II              STEEL ALLOYS AND INNOVATIONS IN STEEL INDUSTRIES                             9
Steel alloys- properties and uses. Structural steel-definition  and protection. Steel sheeting- types of sheeting. Stainless steel in building Industry as a structural entity by studying codes. Study of innovations in steel industry. Design and construction parameters developed by INSDAG.

UNIT III             NON-FERROUS METALS                                                                                          9
Aluminium  and Aluminums  Alloys  (Manufacture,  properties,  durability,  and  uses)  - Aluminium products  (extrusions,  foils, castings,  sheets  etc.) - Other non-ferrous  metals  copper,  lead, zinc (Manufacture, grades, forms, sizes) - Study of protection to non-ferrous metals and products such as anodizing, powder coating, painting, stove enamelling, chromium plating, varnishing, melamine treatments.

UNIT IV            PLASTICS                                                                                                                   9
Polymerisation, thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics, elastomers, properties of plastics, strength, plastic  forming  process,  uses  of  plastics  and  decorative  laminates  -  Plastics  in  construction (polythene, poly propylene, PVC, ethylene, polycarbonate, acrylic flooring, PVC tiles)

UNIT V             OTHER MATERIALS                                                                                                  9
Light-roofing materials (Recent trends in roofing materials like Corrugated GI Sheets, Pre- coated metal  sheets,  Polycarbonate   sheeting,  Teflon  coated  sheets,  PTFE  Steel  alloys properties and uses) - Adhesives,  Sealants  and joint fillers (Relative movement  within buildings,  types  of sealants- elasto-plastic, elastic sealants- joint design- fire resistant sealants- gaskets- adhesives, epoxy,  wall  paper,  bitumen,  plastic  pipe)  - Materials  for flooring  finishes  such  as epoxy,  oxy- chloride, hardeners, PVC, carpets.

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