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History of Architecture and Culture - II

History of Architecture and Culture - II

UNIT I                PREHISTORIC AGE                                                                                                     6
Introducing  concepts of culture and civilization – Paleolithic  and Neolithic Culture – art forms and evolution of shelter – megaliths – agricultural revolution and its impact on culture and civilization.

UNIT II               ANCIENT RIVER VALLEY CIVILIZATIONS: EGYPT                                                7
Landscape and culture of Ancient Egypt – history – religious and funerary beliefs and practices – monumentality   –  tomb  architecture:   evolution   of  the  pyramid   from   the  mastaba   –  temple architecture: mortuary temples and cult temples
Great Pyramid of Cheops, Gizeh – Temple of Ammon Ra, Karnak – Temple of Abu Simbel (Rock

UNIT III              ANCIENT RIVER VALLEY CIVILIZATIONS: MESOPOTAMIA                                 8
Urbanization  in  the  Fertile  Crescent  –  Sumerian,  Babylonian,  Assyrian  and  Persian  culture  – evolution of city-states and their character – law and writing – theocracy and architecture – evolution of the ziggurat – palaces.
Ziggurat of Ur, Urnamu – Palace of Sargon, Khorsabad – Palace at Persepolis

UNIT IV              CLASSICAL PERIOD: GREECE                                                                               12
Landscape  and culture  of Greece  – Minoan  and Mycenaean  cultures  – Hellenic  and Hellenistic cultures – Greek character – Greek polis and democracy – Greek city planning – architecture in the archaic  and  classic  periods  – Domestic  architecture;    Public  Buildings:  Agora,  stoas,  theaters, bouletrion  and stadias  – Greek  temple:  evolution  and classification  – Parthenon  and Erection  – orders in architecture: Doric, lonic, Corinthian – optical illusions in architecture.

UNIT V               CLASSICAL PERIOD: ROME                                                                                   12
Roman history: Republic and Empire – Roman religion and the Roman temple – Roman character – lifestyle  –  Roman  urban  planning  –  art  and  architecture  as  imperial  propaganda:  forums  and basilicas  – domestic  architecture  – structural  forms,  materials  and techniques  of construction  – orders in architecture: Tuscan and Composite.
Rome:  Forum  Romanum  and  other  Imperial  Forums,  Enclosure  and  manipulation   of  space:
Pantheon – Public buildings: Colloseum, Circus Maximus, Thermae of Caraculla.

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