Thursday, 20 June 2019

Serif WebPlus X8 v16.0.3.30

Serif WebPlus X8 v16.0.3.30!Ao4QAS7K!MdYtlOm4GrahcaLLp8duY4ihtI_KrGvp3lsktCWH7uU
WebPlus X8 has everything you need to create the perfect website
for your business, club or personal use. You can create an unlimited
amount of websites and pages, add galleries, contact forms,
pre-made navigational bars, photos, videos and so much more,
all with drag and drop tools.
You can start from scratch to create a bespoke layout,
or choose one of the fully customisable templates
from a library of beautiful designs.

There are new gallery features, a dedicated Slider Studio,
magnifier tool, live Web Design Assistant, more HTML and CSS control
and lots of other new features and improvements to enjoy.

Stunning websites, stunning images
Images speak more than a thousand words, so we've made it even easier
to add life to your website in WebPlus X8.
Galleries are more flexible, and you now have
more controls than ever before.
Tell your story through a sequence of images
by organising photos by the time
they were taken, so that they display in the correct order.
Creating a masterpiece takes time, but creating an amazing website,
with stunning galleries only takes a few clicks in WebPlus!

- Add extra security to your work with the new Watermarking feature.
Imprint your own digital mark onto every image that you
display on the web by adding semi-transparent text and logos to photos,
with full control over position, size, colour, plus so much more.
- Your customers will experience a whole new way of
interacting with photos as the new magnifier allows you to showcase
your products and images
in greater detail. Through the magnifier, visitors can zoom
and pan around to see your images at their highest resolution.
- It's now even easier for people to share your amazing imagery with
the world too.
A new rollover Pinterest button can be applied to images
so that your art, crafts and photography can be shared
in just one click!

This update addresses many customer
reported problems including the following issues:

Only the regular type style of a font is embedded in the exported site
Smart Objects lose formatting when used with Page Security
FTP Account name or password is not saved when changed
Hidden form fields now have ‘treat as script’ option.
Document Frame urls now have ‘treat as script’ option.
Problems with missing images in Popup Rollovers.
Improvements to Subject field when submitting form through SWR.
Text popup menu losing transparent background setting.
Script error in Member Log-In smart object.
Change export of multiple background images – fixes problem of images
being cropped to page height but now incompatible with IE8.
Failed to launch help when opening a package.
Regenerate Smart Object previews when colour scheme changes.
Fix text sort when text contains anchors.
CAPTCHA object id duplicated when Ctrl-Drag to copy a form.
Task Monitor warns about characters unsupported by the font.
Modifying an object style breaks the thumbnail.
Object highlight misdrawn when scrolling with keyboard.
Fill Editor not showing preview correctly.
Slider navigation bar not updating after slider panel deleted.
Improvements to form recipient editing.
Fix editing of cell borders in merged cells.
Buttons on hidden panels not shown when panel is unhidden.
FlowPlayer watermark accidentally reintroduced – now removed again.
Rounded corners to pictures not displayed rounded in design view.
Accordion slider showing blanks for panels that are excluded by time.
Online resource manager can filter files by name.
Form number validation can allow integers only.
Can snap to panel edge/centre in Slider Studio.
Rollover images observe the ‘never resample’ option.
Objects with full stops in their ids now work with visibility actions.
Popup menu effect speed now remembered correctly.
Slider navigation bar now correctly remembers slider ID.
Stop hyperlinks on hidden panels breaking when delete pages.
Trying to Add Shadow to Inline Object Freezes Application.
Merging a Repeating E-Commerce Area form fails to place objects
in the correct location.
CMYK background image significantly changes after save.
JS lightbox photo galleries ignore width/height set in advanced tab.
CSS padding sizing locks will not stay off.
iPad not redirecting to mobile site.
Fix crash when tabbing in Button Studio.
Fix numerous other customer specific crashes.
and all the fixes in the previous WebPlus X8 16.0.2 patch

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